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Capital One has transformed from a specialty lender into a top-10 bank in a short period of time. Our banking business has two major areas that offer a variety of career opportunities:

  • Retail Banking: Approximately 1,000 bank branches in the U.S. provide products and services in consumer banking, small business banking, and national direct banking.
  • Commercial Banking: A full suite of services—from money management tools to targeted banking products—are available from our Commercial Banking team. Your work could focus on commercial and specialty finance, middle market banking, commercial real estate, capital markets, or treasury services.


Capital One is the leading credit card issuer in the United States, with a large and growing customer base. Our business makes credit cards available to a wide spectrum of customers across the country, tailoring products to meet each individual’s financial circumstances. We also have a growing international credit card business. Career opportunities in Card include work within:

  • Card Operations
  • Marketing and Analysis
  • Customer Acquisitions
  • Card Customer Management
  • Partnerships

Financial Services

With two major lines within our Financial Services business—Home Loans and Auto Finance—Capital One offers loans and financing to customers across the country.

  • Auto Finance: We are an award—winning, association-recognized, full-credit spectrum lender, offering products from auto loans to refinancing. We work with dealership partners and directly with customers. Start your career working on credit and business strategy, customer acquisition, or loss mitigation and support.
  • Home Loans: New home buyers and existing home owners can find a variety of mortgage products with Capital One. Our Home Loans professionals specialize in retail sales, direct sales, originations and servicing operations, marketing and analysis, and project management and risk.

Staff Functions

The various Staff Functions at Capital One make up the engine that supports the rest of our endeavors in Card, Financial Services, and Bank. We believe in doing more with your talents, and we hire people, not positions. You could start your career in Corporate Strategy and transition into a position in Human Resources. There are countless areas of work within Staff Functions, including:

  • Brand Marketing
  • Corporate Affairs
  • Legal
  • Audit
  • Security
  • Regulatory Relations
  • Finance
  • Treasury
  • Human Resources
  • Operations
  • Information Technology
  • Digital
  • Corporate Development
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Credit/Risk Management
  • Compliance
  • Corporate Real Estate

Employee Profiles

  • Sally, profile photo; Bank District Manger



    All banks will tell you that they have a set of values. What’s different at Capital One is that we truly live the values, and people really are the most important thing here. We make decisions based on the impact on our customers, but also the impact on our associates—from branch hours of operation to product development.

    Bank District Manger
  • Jay, profile photo; Unit Manager, Card Operations



    Being on the front line and being able to help service customers, and hearing customers appreciate what we do for them, that’s what really gets me thrilled about my work.

    Unit Manager, Card Operations
  • Lisa, profile photo; Senior Compliance Specialist



    Capital One works hard to promote professional growth. There are so many opportunities within the company and different areas to explore; as an associate, the paths for career development are virtually unlimited. Not only does Capital One offer targeted trainings on a variety of topics, there is also a Career Development Center designed specifically to facilitate our professional development.

    Senior Compliance Specialist
  • Bill, profile photo; Senior Director and Associate General Counsel, Legal Department



    Whether you measure leadership by our external ranking as a “top 10 bank,” the people, or its corporate strategy, Capital One is a leader in this industry. While Capital One has a tremendous track record for success, I believe this is an organization whose best days are still yet to come. The potential for further growth is huge and the energy among associates is contagious.

    Senior Director and Associate General Counsel, Legal Department
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