IAC Social Media Campaign Submission – AT&T

December Series 1

Looking back at a long year of hard work, we’re amazed by all the great things our teams have done. Celebrate your one-of-a-kind wins: http://attlinks.com/123456

December Series 2

From volunteering at food banks to mentoring students, we’re so proud of all the work our employees do in the communities they live in. It’s a whole different kind of connecting the world: http://attlinks.com/123456

December Series 3

When the best ideas, people and talents come together year-round, something
magical happens. Let’s celebrate how far we’ve come – and all the exciting places we’re headed: http://attlinks.com/123456

December Series 4

Thank you so much for making #LifeAtATT such a success this year – and showing the world how much fun we have every day: http://attlinks.com/123456

Summer Series 1

With so many career possibilities at AT&T, the sky’s the limit. Join our team and reach new heights with us: http://attlinks.com/123456

Summer Series 2

We have the tools you need to dig in and build something amazing. Join our team and shape the career of your dreams: http://attlinks.com/123456

Summer Series 3

We’re shedding light on the awesome opportunities, rewards and support we offer.
Join us and soak it all in: http://attlinks.com/123456

Summer Series 4

Join our team and help yourself to a tall glass of rewards (like medical, savings plans and AT&T discounts). Isn’t that refreshing? http://attlinks.com/123456

Training and Development Series 1

With hard work and innovative ideas, there’s no limit to how high you can take your career at AT&T: http://go.att.jobs/6185Bkv1x

Training and Development Series 2

Shaping the future is a big job. That’s why we offer the coolest tech and tools to help you make it happen: http://go.att.jobs/6185Bkv1x

Digital Learning Day

Technology opens new doors (and dimensions) to imagining, creating and expanding our minds. #DigitalLearningDay http://attlinks.com/123456

Random Acts of Kindness Day

No matter which of the #RandomActsOfKindness you land on today, help give
someone that big win: http://attlinks.com/123456


You can be whatever you want to be for #Halloween. Same goes for your career. http://attlinks.com/123456

First Day of Fall

On a career path at AT&T, you’ll enjoy perks that are amazing no matter the season – from tuition reimbursement to savings plans. http://attlinks.com/123456

First Day of Spring

It’s time to wake up your career: http://attlinks.com/123456

April Fool’s Day

It’s the oldest #AprilFools prank in the book – but our rewards are some of the best. http://attlinks.com/123456

Pi Day

Amazing things come from every slice, so dig in and start making history. After all, it’s the best #PiDay of the century – 3.14.15! http://attlinks.com/123456

Ada Lovelace Day

#AdaLovelace was a pioneer for women in STEM careers. Today, let’s celebrate how far we’ve come. #ILookLikeAnEngineer http://attlinks.com/123456

Groundhog Day

#PunxsutawneyPhil was having such a blast on our team, he was sure to spread the word: http://attlinks.com/123456 pic.twitter.com/1234567890 (140/140)


This #Movember, grow your ‘stache (and your career): http://attlinks.com/123456 pic.twitter.com/1234567890 (140/140)

Star Wars

We’re pushing technology forward at light speed: http://attlinks.com/123456 pic.twitter.com/1234567890 (140/140)

National Mentoring Month

We’re a community. And #mentoring is how we can succeed together: http://attlinks.com/123456 pic.twitter.com/1234567890 (140/140)