Project Overview

The overarching goal for this project between United Technologies Corporation (UTC) and TMP is to make a business case for Diversity within UTC and to use the website as a vehicle to communicate it. Together, we are looking to evolve UTC beyond its competition so as to become a true employer-of-choice. We seek to set forth a new standard of communication and stand as an example as to how each of us can embrace Diversity as a matter of course both within and outside the company. Diversity should be a way of doing business, as UTC is a world of people producing a world of products for a world of people. TMPís overall goals for this project will be to compel users to visit the UTC Diversity intranet, accessible primarily by the approximately 60,000 employees based in the U.S, as an important storehouse of information and opportunity, to act as a portal or gateway to individual business linesí offerings, to articulate UTCís Diversity initiatives and involvements, and to make the user experience more engaging, navigable, streamlined and memorable.

Main components of the Flash Promo:

3 Feature Innovators, associated with specific Featured Project Name, Job Title, Description of IMPACT for Each Innovator

For each of the Feature Innovators, 3 Points of contributions, Contribution Title (1), (2), & (3), Description of IMPACT.

5 Featured Projects Title, Description of Project

A lower panel navigational system is used to allow user access to each Project. Each project features 3 innovators. Clicking on a new Project, launches auto- animation of new associated content.

Users can access the Flash files in two ways: Promotional Photo Link located anywhere in the site Main Navigational System